Keepin’ Cool

July 30, 2010

It’s been pretty toasty outside around here! We actually had nowhere to go that day, so we decided to head outside. I dragged the kiddie pool down from the attic and filled it up. Apparently, all it takes to get my kids excited about being outside is water!


As you can see, it didn’t take long for them to modify my plan! Jack had the idea of putting the playset so that the slide went into the pool. He and Will climbed up those little plastic stairs more times than I could count! They loved splashing down into the pool at the bottom. Jack, of course, was the kind big brother, making sure Will got up the stairs before he headed up. I couldn’t believe how big he looked in that little playset.

Haley didn’t want to change into her swimsuit, but she still had fun. After a while, she decided to bend over and put her hair in the water. She then tried to sprinkle her brothers with her wet hair, which they thought was a blast. She looked pretty water-logged when she got done, but surprisingly, her clothes were mostly dry!

All in all it was a fun summer morning. There aren’t too many of them left…we’ve bought backpacks and lunchboxes, and I’ve been out to school several times now. But I think the three of them will get every last bit out of it that they can!


6 Responses to “Keepin’ Cool”

  1. GG Jean Says:

    Thanks for the “last days of summer” at least for children and teachers. Actually, we seem to have missed the really hot weather here in NM because we were in IN! Yes, we can see how fast these three are growing up. Love, GG Jean

    • fgjen Says:

      Well, you left IN just in time! We had the dryest, and one of the hottest, Augusts on record. I’ve had to keep my students in from recess plenty of times for cold weather…never had to do it for a heat index, though! They actually told us we couldn’t take them out due to the heat. I felt horrible for the schools without air conditioning! We’re hoping the chance of rain forecasted for tomorrow actually happens!

  2. GG Jean Says:

    Looks like fun to me, too~! It seems like all I do outside is yard work. But I love doing it. Just have to do it very early as the sun out here is just too hot past about 9AM. NJ & I have both been very busy out there. She mowed both the front & back (as always) yesterday & does it on the diagonal so looks really neat.
    School begins here on the 10th. Sounds like you’ll be ready & I bet the kids are ready to get back into to school & see all their friends, too. Aunt J

    • fgjen Says:

      Yes, they’ve completely enjoyed the social aspect of being back to school. So far so good on the homework front, too…now that’s a blessing! 🙂

  3. norah Says:

    Hey Jenn, thanks for the note about your blog….I have one too..but I haven’t written anything as of yet…but someday I just might…I know the name will suprise you….Ruby’s Fairy Godmother

    By the way, I had brunch today with Miss Ruby and she asked me if Haley and Jack had started to school yet. She is headed out on Friday for a 3 week vacation (ending in Colorado at her Uncle’s wedding). Since school will start while she is a way, they are home schooling her for the 2 weeks…they will be seeing some really neat things…Cliff Dwelling Indian Reservations in New Mexico and other neat Indian sites. So the school deemed it Home Schooling so she won’t officially miss any days! Have a great school year!

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