Where the Wild Things Are….

September 2, 2010

Hello there!  Thanks for being patient…so much for my idea of updating once a week.  School has started, and we’ve all been adjusting to the new schedule.  This is a post I meant to make before school started….oh, well – better late than never!

While Haley and Bryan were in Oregon for Jillian’s wedding, the boys and I enjoyed an absolutely beautiful day at the zoo.  We actually found a day that wasn’t in the 90’s and full of humidity!  It made for a much more enjoyable day.

The first set of animals we passed was the flamingos.  Don’t the boys look interested?  I thought so…

Then I found out that they weren’t excited about the flamingos, but the ducks and turtles swimming in the pond within their exhibit!  Kids don’t seem to focus on the same things we do, do they? 🙂

We started out in the plains exhibit.  Jack enjoyed trying to find the animals with a set of binoculars.

The big news at the zoo this summer was the new cheetah exhibit.  The cheetahs weren’t all that interested in being active for us, but it was really cool to be this close to them (separated by a glass wall, thank goodness).  Jack took the second picture while I was talking to Haley and Bryan in Oregon.

Jack enjoyed taking pictures while I was distracted, as you can see!

The giraffes were right next to the fence, but they moved off when we approached.  Apparently, they’re not used to the noise level of 2 and 6 year-old boys….

The ocean pavillion has been remodeled since we’d been there last.  The boys enjoyed getting up close and personal with the aquatic life.

The main attraction in this exhibit is a “Shark Petting Tank.”  There are at least twently dog sharks (this species has no teeth – they’re bottom feeders) swimming around the large, shallow tank.

You can reach in and pet the sharks as they swim by.  It’s really a neat experience.  Will’s arms weren’t really long enough (plus, he was more interested in splashing, which scares the sharks away), but Jack wanted to try.  It took him several tries, since he kept getting nervous and pulling his hand out of the water. 

But he finally did it, and was extremely proud of himself!

The highlight for Jack was the dolphin show.  The boys were fairly patient as we waited for it to start.

It was a fun show!  Not long after that, we’d seen most of the zoo (it’s not the largest zoo we’ve been to, by any means!) and decided to head out. 

We’d packed a picnic lunch, and decided to eat in a shady area near the parking lots.  The view of downtown was impressive.

As expected, Will lasted about ten minutes once we got into the van.  Jack enjoyed some peace and quiet as we drove home to our next adventure.  It was a great way to round out our summer!


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