Sorry I’ve been gone so long…

October 4, 2011

I had such good intentions when I started this…and then life got in the way! 🙂

But the good news is that I’m now officially done with my master’s degree (cue Halleluiah Chorus) and, while school is pretty nutty with all the changes this year, I have more time and I’m determined to be better about updating this.  I know better now than to tell you I’m going to update on a particular schedule.  We’re just going to take it as it goes.

Just an update on what we’re doing these days….

Haley is a fifth grader in her first year at the Intermediate School.  She’s loving it there, and has been chosen to participate in a leadership group.  She’s also in choir and basketball at church, and still takes gymnastics.  Yep…she’s a pretty busy kid.

Jack is a lively second grader.  He’s just started cub scouts and is over the moon about it.  Visions of camping, archery, and pinewood derby cars dance through his head, and he often falls asleep at night reading his scouting manual.

Will started preschool this year.  He loves it, and we haven’t had any requests for conferences from his teacher, so right now it’s so far, so good.   He’s an incredibly active three-year-old that bursts into song at random moments and is obsessed with the Wii.

Bryan and I…well, you’re not here to hear about us so much, anyway. 🙂  But we’re mainly trying to keep up with who has to do what on which night of the week!  It’s crazy, but we wouldn’t really trade it for anything.

I actually have another post already written, so you’ll be hearing from me again soon!


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